How does this work when I order?

Everything on this website is handmade to order.  That means you are ordering a custom item that looks just like the one that is pictured, or as close as you can get with handmade toys.  You also have the opportunity to get it in a different color of fur than what is shown.  After you place your order, we will contact you via email confirming your purchase and verifying your choice.  In one to two weeks we will create your toy and send you pictures before mailing it to you.

How about more custom than just the fur color?

Yes, we can do pretty much anything if you have a special idea.  Just contact us to start the process.

Can my kids play with these toys?

We have a strict Adult Only policy.  These handmade toys are posable and huggable, but they can be damaged with rough handling and some parts like teeth and eyes could come loose and cause a chocking hazard for little ones.




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